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Refugee Claims, Private Refugee Sponsorships and Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications

We take a thorough, research-based approach to refugee claims and humanitarian and compassionate applications. Our lawyers will take the necessary time to learn about the unique circumstances of each individual client and to research your country of origin, in order to present the strongest case that we can.

If you are an individual or family who is seeking protection from persecution, risks to your lives, and/or risks of torture or cruel and unusual treatment or punishment, you may be eligible to apply for refugee protection in Canada. Our office can help you navigate this complex process by assisting you in preparing your Basis of Claim and other required application forms, gathering strong evidence to support your claim, and conducting legal research as well as case-specific research on the current conditions in your country of origin. In addition, our lawyers will meet with you to prepare you to testify at your refugee hearing, and we will attend your hearing and make submissions to the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada on your behalf. The refugee claim process is complex, and a failed claim will result in a removal order being issued, or long waiting times as you appeal the failed claim. Hiring a lawyer to assist you with your refugee claim will ensure that you to present a strong and concise claim to increase your chances of success.

Humanitarian & Compassionate applications may be an option for foreign nationals inside Canada to become permanent residents even if they are inadmissible or do not meet the eligibility requirements for permanent residence of any other program. This type of application is an exceptional measure and there are several factors that an immigration officer may consider in deciding whether to grant permanent residency to an applicant based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds including:

  1. establishment in Canada;
  2. an inability to leave Canada that has led to establishment;
  3. ties to Canada;
  4. best interests of any child affected by your application;
  5. health considerations;
  6. family violence considerations;
  7. consequences of your separation from a relative;
  8. factors in your country of origin (not related to seeking protection); and/or
  9. any other relevant factors you wish to have considered that are not related to seeking protection.

The standard for humanitarian and compassionate applications is high, and the decision is discretionary. Hiring a lawyer to assist you in preparing your application for humanitarian and compassionate grounds can help you to prepare a strong case for this exceptional avenue to permanent residency.

Private Refugee Sponsorships

In response to the rate of violence and displacement in the world, the Canadian government established the first Private Refugee sponsorship program in 1979. The Private Refugee Sponsorship (PRS) program is an immigration program that permits permanent residents and citizens of Canada to sponsor the immigration and resettlement of refugees in Canada.

The PSR program is not sponsored by the government. It is sponsored by philanthropic organizations such as NGOs, religious bodies, and benevolent individuals. These entities raise funds through their incomes. With these funds, they sponsor the immigration, accommodation, and feeding of refugees for at least a year.  Refugee sponsorships are mostly processed as a group of five, community sponsor or a Sponsorship Agreement Holder.

Private Refugee sponsorships accommodate two classes of refugees. They are the Convention Refugee Abroad Class and Country of Asylum Class. Private Refugee Sponsorship programs are great ways of serving humanity. However, this service to humanity is not complete without the legal services of an immigration firm. At Kahlon Immigration law, we are called to serve humanity. With service as a core value that we uphold, you can be assured that we will serve you to the best of our abilities.

We proudly boast of our legal expertise and experience which we have diligently built over the years. We have dealt with several immigration clients and handled several private refugee resettlement processes. You can trust us to offer the best legal representation services and enhance your refugee resettlement projects.

Contact us today, and let’s serve humanity together.