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Study Permit

Study Permit

If you plan to study in Canada, or you already gained admission into a designated learning institution, then you’ll most likely need a student permit. On the surface, a student permit mostly seems like a walk in the park. However, the framework for student permits involves several rules and requirements. These requirements mostly differ based on the location of the applicant. While there’s the option of online applications, it is only open to applicants within designated locations.

More often than not, the chances of getting a student’s permit are far higher when applicants employ the services of law firms that specialize in immigration processes.

At Sierra Immigration Alliance, we have not only sharpened our skills in legal representation for student permits, but we have also built a portfolio of excellence by consistent service in various areas of immigration law. Today, we are a reputed boutique firm with over 10 years of experience in various immigration applications and processes including student permits. With an abundance of success stories, we let our records speak for us.

We thrive because we keep up with new developments within the Canadian immigration system. As such, we are constantly equipped with the most up-to-date and relevant information to make your application and acceptance as easy as possible. Therefore, we are capable to guide you through your application process, even if you opt for applying online.

As immigration law specialists, we are available for consultation on the relevant processes and requirements for a student permit, depending on your location as well as the designated learning institution where you plan to study. With our legal services, you can be assured that your chances of getting a student permit are much higher than without.

Contact us, and we’ll make your academic dreams a reality!