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Self-Employed Persons Program

Self-Employed Persons Program

Canadian immigration Self-Employed Program was initiated to attract immigrants who have the intention and capacity to be self-employed in Canada. It is Canada’s way of making immigration provisions for people who don’t plan to work under anyone.

The program is aimed at strengthening the agricultural, sports, arts, cultural sectors in Canada. Thus, it is open to applicants who have technical, skilled, and professional occupations in art, culture, recreation, and sports.

Though the basic requirements for the self-employed person program are static per year, the chances of pulling off a successful application depend on several other factors. These factors can be easily leveraged to the advantage of the applicant with the help of immigration law specialists. If you seek to be a beneficiary of this program, you can ease your way through the entire application and immigration program by engaging the services of an immigration law firm.

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