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Family Sponsorships

Family Sponsorships

The Family Class Sponsorship Program is aimed at reuniting families by enabling adults who are permanent residents or citizens of Canada to sponsor a relative’s immigration into Canada. Therefore, citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their parents, grandparents, adopted children, and relatives. The Program also allows immigrants to visit their children and grandchildren.

As straightforward as the Program seems, it entails a lot of technicalities. The requirements for a family sponsorship differs based on the relative who is a citizen or a permanent resident, as well as the nature of the relationship shared with the intending immigrant. Thus, successful applications are mostly handled by experts who have experience with the immigration system, as well as application processes for Family sponsorships.

Kahlon law has successfully offered legal services within the Canadian immigration system for over a decade. As a boutique law firm, we have dealt with several immigration applications and have gained many successful accolades to its name. From sponsorships for parents to dependent children, adopted children, siblings, spouses, nephews, and other relatives, we are up to the task.

If you plan to sponsor a relative’s immigration, or you plan to immigrate through a relative’s sponsorship, Sierra Immigration Alliance firm is your immigration catalyst. We are ready to help you sort out the eligibility requirements and increases your chances of success on your application. We have consistently built a reputation of reliability within the immigration system and our record testifies.

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