I am writing this review for Ms. Kahlon and her excellent team. I contacted her back in September 2021 regarding my mother’s visitor visa. Her My mother’s application was refused at least 3-4 times and that’s why I was looking for someone who has great expertise and excellent work ethic. I searched for “best immigration lawyer in Vancouver” on google and Ms. Kahlon’s name showed up at the top. So that’s how I got to know about her. I followed her instructions thoroughly as she told us to trust her process and to have faith. Finally after over 6 months waiting my mother’s application is approved with help of Sierra Immigration Alliance and by God’s grace. I am so glad that we trusted her blindly and were so patient while she was doing her magic. I can’t even express in words how I feel at the moment. All because of Sierra Immigration Alliance. I feel that Ms. Kahlon is an angel for us sent by God. Sorry that I’m being a bit sentimental here because trust me when I say that I have been trying to bring my mom here for last 11 years. So please everyone don’t hesitate to contact her, she knows what she is doing. I will recommend her to everyone without any hesitation. SHE IS THE BEST IMMIGRATION LAWYER 🙂

Note: I barely write any reviews online but had to do it for Ms. Kahlon without any excuses.